Cane (Rattan) Conservation and Promotion of cane Handicraft for sustainable livelihood

SSCS&T under DST, Govt. of Sikkim also has been successfully implemented DST, GOI funded project entitled “ ‘Cane (Rattan) Conservation and Promotion of cane Handicraft for sustainable livelihood of Dzongu Tribal Reserve Area. Project was initially sanctioned for the period of period of three years (2010- 2013 but in order to accomplish few remaining activities based on the key objectives of the project it has been extended for one year till May 20014.
The project is mainly based on the research & development for the livelihood sustainability of Dzongu tribal Reserve Area, North Sikkim. While studying the species diversity of Rattan in Sikkim, 8 species have been reported so far and out of which 6 species have been successfully traced from Dzongu while executing the project. The species Calamus acanthopodius, has being found to be widely used due to its durability. However, the population of the species has been drastically reduced and facing threats due to over exploitation and unscientifically extraction from the wild habitat. During 2013-14 altogether 100 farmers from 7 GPUs have been successfully trained for rattan propagation through seeds. The master-craftsmen from the local area have also been trained for value addition of cane made products. During the year the propagation of the Sikkim’s only endemic Rattan, Calamus inernis has been successfully done and some of the sapling have been put into field trail at the premises of Biotechnology research & Application centre, Sazong Rumtek. The propagation of Calamus flagellum, Plectocomia himalayena has also been successfully done at Hee- Gyathang.

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